Search Guard Compliance

Release Candidate for Elasticsearch 6.2.4

This is a release candidate. Do not use in production yet.

Welcome to the Search Guard Compliance Release Candidate. This is a regular build of Search Guard suitable for Elasticsearch 6.2.4 and contains the following compliance features in addition:

Read more about the Search Guard Compliance features and the roadmap in this blog post.

Installation and Documentation

Online install

1. cd to your Elasticsearch 6.2.4 installation direvtory
3. Execute bin/elasticsearch-plugin install -b com.floragunn:search-guard-6:6.2.4-compliance-rc1

Offline mode

The preview can be installed in offline mode:

1. Download the preview
2. cd into your Elasticsearch installation directory
3. Execute bin/elasticsearch-plugin install -b file:///path/to/

To get Search Guard up and running quickly, you can use the included Demo Installer script.

SHA256 Checksum: a5249df27657c5487c8a794889352254e9d72fb52280bd2108dd520ab40ff7da

Survey and Sweepstake

Search Guard is from developers, for developers. We highly value your feedback and input on the new features. If you can spare 10 minutes of your time, please take part in our Survey. This helps us make Search Guard better, plus we’re giving away a Search Guard license for free in our Search Guard Vanguard sweepstake!

If you don’t want to participate but still provide input, you can also simply drop us an email.